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Elbeco’s Bodyshield Vest Carrier Offers Relief from Stress Caused by Duty Belt

READING, PA (June 22, 2017) … The BodyShield External Vest Carrier by Elbeco Inc. is the “World’s First Smart Uniform” and now offers a way to relieve stress caused by the weight of an officer’s duty belt. Public Safety professionals can enhance their BodyShield with Elbeco’s pouches, molle straps and welt pockets, that essentially remove weight from the duty belt and onto the carrier.


The BodyShield is an external vest carrier, specifically designed for a wide variety of ballistic panels to provide ballistic protection while securely housing on-body camera and integrated technologies. It also pairs well with our newly enhanced VSS1 Suspension System, which also works to alleviate back pain caused by the weight of a duty belt. BodyShield is the solution for a well-rounded vest carrier that balances professionalism with increased functionality.


Elbeco is excited to launch this line of accessories. The loose pouches and molle straps will be available in all BodyShield fabric colors, constructed with the same 600 Denier Syntex Polyester fabric with stain and liquid repellency as the BodyShield itself. Currently there are nine pouch designs that will be sold separately at participating dealer locations beginning in August 2017. In addition to the pouches relieving stress caused by the weight of a duty belt, it is also a convenient and efficient location to carry necessary accessories, such as handcuffs, flashlights, Tasers, radios, mace and more!


The molle straps will allow the customer to purchase pouches from body armor vendors and place them where they want on the vest carrier through the molle straps. Straps are also dyed to match the vest carriers.


A perfect pairing with the BodyShield, the enhanced VSS1 Suspension System seamlessly replaces the need for belt keepers while its patented design redirects weight of a duty belt off hips and lower back. It is now available with its newly enhanced adjustable shoulder pads and optional crosspiece. Additional features include its quick-release duty belt clips and free-floating straps that glide inside the vest tunnels.


Look to enhance your BodyShield Vest Carrier with these accessories starting August 2017. Find a dealer near you by visiting! For more information, contact your Elbeco Sales Representative today by calling 1-800-468-4654. More details are also available on Elbeco’s website at

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