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ImageFIRST Announces Relaunch of Scrubs Program

Lancaster, PA — ImageFIRST, a national provider of medical uniforms and scrubs to medical facilities in areas such as Harrisburg, PA (and the rest of the US and Puerto Rico), announces the relaunch of their scrub and uniform program.

This revamped program was designed to address the various challenges that healthcare workers encounter when managing their staff’s scrubs. Such challenges include running out of scrubs, incessant purchases of replacements, missing sizes, low-quality scrubs and the overall difficulty of managing a facility’s entire scrub and uniform inventory.

As a part of the program, ImageFIRST offers a wide variety of scrub tops, bottoms and warm-up jacket styles in diverse colors and sizes. The scrubs are made by reputable manufacturers to ensure a high level of quality, and fabricated with color-fast fabrics to help preserve color and ensure that the tops and bottoms are matching. Customers are assured that their scrubs will maintain a consistent appearance throughout the facility.

Paired with ImageFIRST’s hand inspection process, the program offers peace-of-mind that the uniforms will be of quality and in pristine condition for all staff members.

ImageFIRST’s new program features the latest in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips, a safe and proven technology that provides real-time inventory reporting. RFID chips enable fast scanning and accurate tracking to help remove any potential human error in scrubs inventory maintenance. They also improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the scrubs program by identifying any extraneous inventory.

This scrub and uniform program is co-managed by an ImageFIRST dedicated representative to help alleviate the medical staff’s workload. Medical facilities can also choose to use an optional Garment Guarantee Program for proactive and automatic replacement of scrub loss.

In addition to the scrub and uniform program, ImageFIRST offers healthcare laundry services for Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas (plus, throughout the rest of the US and Puerto Rico). Interested parties can learn more by visiting online at

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