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Metlon Corporation Adds 3M’s New Reflective Material for Workwear with Diamond Mesh Technology

CRANSTON, RI—Cranston, RI-based Metlon Corporation, an Authorized Distributor of 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material and contract slitting specialist, announced today that they have included 3M’s latest innovation to their product line-up.


Reflective safety gear requires a combination of comfort, compliance and visibility. In response to this need, 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material has launched the 5410 Diamond Mesh Trim, a revolutionary leap in performance and design. This product – which has been

described as durable and comfortable with reflective trim made from low-material waste converting technology – addresses the performance, financial, and sustainability requests of the safety market.


The new reflective material delivers bright, compliant visibility paired with breathability and durability. It was developed with a patent-pending* cut-and-spread technology, which eliminates material waste created during the interstitial cutting and weeding process. This results in a more resource-efficient, lower-cost trim.

“We’re very pleased with this new product because it offers a more comfortable alternative to the solid 2” wide reflective material,” comments Wayne Etchells, president of Metlon Corporation. “Its benefits signal a win–win for the manufacturer/employee company and the worker.”

In a statement issued during the product launch, 3M underscored the value of its latest entry. “Today’s marketplace often demands that a premium be paid for innovative products with a sustainability story,” said Ryan Gallagher, 3M. “The 5410 Diamond Mesh Trim disrupts that trend by providing a high-value, high-visibility and low-material waste trim to brands and workers around the world.”

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