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Penn Emblem Co announces redesigned Fabric & Thread Color Chart Tool

Penn Emblem Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania reveals a redesigned Fabric and Thread Color Chart Tool that makes it easier than ever to perfectly match apparel and uniform programs with identification solutions.

This tools allows to easily:

  • Customize color guides to provide just the right recommendations for a specific apparel program.
  •  Access color guides and carry them around for on-the-go ordering or presentations.
  • PMS Color match for quick and accurate color reference.

These new Fabric and Thread Color Charts are designed to be flexible, simple-to-use and easily fit in a pocket or brief case. There are individual color guides for polyester fabric; polyester thread; Flame Resistant threads and fabrics made of 100% Dupont Nomex®; PennEdgeTM fabric
and ColorprintTM Sublimation.

“We want our clients to use our marketing tools and feel comfortable with all the information required to sell identification solutions. Penn Emblem’s new color charts make selling and choosing fabric and thread colors easier than ever and more appealing to customers,” says Penn
Emblem President Randi Blumenthal-Joseph.

With more than 67 years of emblematic experience, Penn Emblem continuously innovates products and processes to meet clients’ identification and branding needs in the uniform rental,institutional laundry, uniform/textile manufacturing, sportswear, and promotional markets.

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