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Smart Innovative Products Introduces the Smart Apron


Phoenix, Arizona- Smart Innovative Products, LLC in Arizona will be launching its expanded product line of six Smart Apron designs; Waist, Bib, Full Bistro, Half Bistro, Gaming and Cobbler, in September 2017.

What’s so Smart about a Smart Apron?

Smart Aprons have a main core design of up to seven pockets; one large center pocket, two zipped pockets and two medium and two smaller pockets on each side. Smart Aprons also have an adjustable locking waist band, replacing traditional apron strings. There are also two D-rings located on each side of the apron, to allow a tethered computer key or similar, to be attached and ready for action.

Smart Innovative Product’s CEO, Kevin Hoy, says, “Our overall quality design engineering includes, strategically placed pockets, reinforced stress points, edges with bias overlay, double stitched seams, and we only use high quality components, fabric and thread.”

The Waist and Bib Smart Aprons have been used in Restaurants, Bars, Cafés, and many other markets. Two recently designs were added, the Full and Half Bistro Smart Aprons.

To round off the six types of Smart Aprons are two custom designs; Gaming and Cobbler Smart Aprons. The Gaming Smart Apron is designed for Casinos and Bingo halls as they can hold large bingo cards, pull tabs and safely store cash. The Cobbler Smart Apron was made for the fast-paced vendor market with its sleeveless vest design, wrap around adjustable locking waist band and seven pockets.

To join Smart Innovative Product’s sales and distribution network, retailers can contact Kevin Hoy directly at  or by phone 480-688-3771.

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