GORE-TEX® Unveils Innovative Layering System for Public Order Policing at Enforce Tac 2024

Goretex innovative layering system

Putzbrunn, Germany, February 22, 2024 – GORE-TEX® brand (Gore) introduces its Flexible Layering System at Enforce Tac 2024, offering public order police enhanced protection and comfort in diverse weather conditions and operational scenarios.

This modular system, featuring three layers, allows officers to adapt their gear for various needs:

  • Daily Duty Uniform (DDU): This lightweight base layer provides daily wear comfort and PYRAD® technology for flame protection.
  • Insulated Riot Suit: Worn over the DDU, this layer offers warmth and moisture or wind protection with GORE-TEX or WINDSTOPPER® technologies, while maintaining PYRAD® flame resistance.
  • Hardshell Riot Suit: This durable outer layer offers additional protection against moisture, chemicals, heat, and flames, while being compatible with other layers. It’s available with lightweight PYRAD® technology or a 3-layer aramid laminate.

PYRAD® technology uses expanding graphite particles to create a protective carbon layer upon heat exposure, reducing heat flow and preventing flame spread. Additionally, new GORE-TEX FR Stretch laminates enhance freedom of movement and comfort, even underbody protection gear.

Following successful testing, most Swiss cantons will adopt the system. This innovation highlights Gore’s commitment to developing performance apparel that empowers users to achieve their goals safely and confidently.

About Gore

W. L. Gore & Associates is a leading innovator in performance apparel technologies, dedicated to improving lives through its materials science expertise.

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