Jetstar Unveils New Crew Uniforms Designed by Genevieve Smart


Australian airline Jetstar is revamping its crew uniforms for the first time in 20 years. The new collection, designed by renowned fashion designer Genevieve Smart in collaboration with Jetstar staff, boasts a modern look with a touch of the airline’s signature orange.

Over 5,000 Jetstar team members across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore will be sporting the new uniforms starting in late 2024. The design draws inspiration from the colors of a sunset seen from an airplane window, featuring a softer orange palette alongside blue.

The collection offers a variety of options for cabin crew, airport staff, and pilots. Pilots will transition from black to a stylish blue uniform with new epaulettes and an optional neck scarf. Cabin crew and ground staff will have more outfit choices, including blazers, shirt dresses, skirts, trousers, polos, and overcoats.

“The looks are designed to feel like pieces travelers would pack for a holiday,” said Genevieve Smart. “We want the crew to feel comfortable and stylish like they’re embarking on an adventure themselves.”

This uniform refresh coincides with Jetstar’s 20th anniversary in May 2024. “The new uniforms represent a new era for Jetstar,” said Stephanie Tully, Jetstar Group CEO. “We listened to our crew and designed a collection that reflects our journey and offers more freedom and choice in what they wear.”

Jetstar is committed to sustainability and will dispose of its current uniforms through a partnership with BlockTexx. This recycling technology will transform old uniforms into raw materials for new products.