NAUMD Launches Public Safety Suppliers & Retailers Division


The NAUMD last month launched the Public Safety Suppliers & Retailers Division (PSSR), a new offshoot intended to better reflect the changing landscape and constituencies of the public safety sector.

Steve Zalkin, NAUMD President, notes that many companies today are revolutionizing traditional law enforcement business models. “The lines continue to blur,” Zalkin said. “Manufacturers sell direct, distributors produce overseas and import, and technology has created products that don’t neatly fit into the old ‘blue goods’ classification. The environment has become so diverse that NAUMD needs different approaches to its strategy in order to add value and grow its membership base. We believe suppliers & retailers better reflect the current state of the public safety market.”

The PSSR will be headed by Elbeco’s Jermey Graham. New programs are currently being rolled out that address specific needs for current and future members, and a separate PSSR educational tract is being developed for the 2019 Convention. Check The Pulse and for updates.