UniformMarket Kicks-off New Webinar Series with 121 Attendees Joining LIVE for the Inaugural Episode


UniformMarket’s exclusive new webinar series called Uniform Unleashed was launched on 25th February 2022 with the first episode drawing 121 attendees from the uniform industry across USA and Canada. 
Uniform Unleashed aims at providing actionable knowledge to uniform manufacturers, retailers, and distributors on growing their uniform business using advanced eCommerce technologies. The series will feature an hour-long episode every month focusing on key industry topics, common challenges faced by uniform providers, and ways to overcome them.  
In the first episode, host Nancy Cardona, who is the National Sales Head with UniformMarket, introduced attendees to the concept of Group Stores and how it can be leveraged to improve group selling outcomes.  
With over 15 years of experience in working with the largest uniform providers across USA & Canada, Nancy wanted to create a knowledge platform for everyone in the industry to turn to for answers pertaining to growth, customer experience, and operational efficiency. And that’s how Uniform Unleashed came to be. 
“This webinar is something that I always wanted to do for the industry because I know from my experience that there are a lot of uniform businesses out there looking to scale up, but are either restricted by technological challenges or are simply unaware of things they can achieve.” Said Nancy. 
She further added that “Through UniformUnleashed, I look forward to introducing them to the latest eCommerce technologies, growth secrets, and industry trends to help achieve their business goals.”  

“We are thrilled to see the overwhelming response since we announced the webinar. It only goes to show that there is a clear lack of awareness among uniform providers when it comes to using eCommerce to power their businesses. That’s where we come in. And we are really glad to be able to share our knowledge with industry folks and help them level up.” mentioned Ashok Reddy, CEO, UniformMarket. 

The second episode of #UniformUnleashed premiers on 24th March 2022. Registration details coming soon! And as always, it’s absolutely FREE. As long as you’re from the uniform industry and want to leverage technology to expedite growth, you’re most welcome to join.  

To watch the first episode of #UniformUnleashed on “Growing your Uniform Business with Group Stores”, click here. 

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