Dickies Chief to Bring the Brand Back to Its Workwear Roots


Dickies, the venerable workwear brand, is undergoing a strategic shift. Todd Dalhausser, the brand’s new global president, plans to steer Dickies away from recent forays into lifestyle apparel and refocus on its core audience: blue-collar workers.

Dickies, with a history dating back to 1922, has traditionally offered durable, functional clothing for tradesmen and construction workers. However, in recent years, the brand has also found favor with fashion-conscious consumers. While Dalhausser acknowledges this interest, he believes it distracted the brand from its core mission.

Back to Basics

Under Dalhausser’s leadership, Dickies will streamline its product offerings by 50%, eliminating items that cater more to fashion trends. Instead, the brand will concentrate on developing new workwear products tailored to the specific needs of its core customer segments, such as construction workers and mechanics.

Direct-to-Consumer and Building Relationships

While Dickies will continue to partner with major retailers like Walmart, it also plans to increase its focus on direct-to-consumer sales through its own website and online marketplaces like Amazon. This will allow Dickies to better communicate its brand story and connect directly with its target customers.

The brand also recognizes the growing importance of women in the trades and plans to partner with relevant organizations to build relationships with this growing demographic.

Looking Forward

Dalhausser is confident that by refocusing on its workwear heritage and core customer base, Dickies can reignite growth. The brand’s new headquarters in Fort Worth serves as a symbol of this fresh start, combining modern amenities with design elements that pay homage to Dickies’ rich history.