Brussels Airlines Unveils Sustainable Uniform Collection with Belgian Flair


Brussels Airlines is making a bold statement in the aviation industry with the launch of its new uniforms for cabin, cockpit, and ground staff. The airline collaborated with Gabrielle Szwarcenberg, a young designer from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, to create a collection that not only embraces Belgian design but also prioritizes sustainability and inclusivity.

The navy blue uniforms, adorned with champagne-colored details, will be donned by over 2,600 employees starting from March 1. Drawing inspiration from the timeless silhouettes of airline personnel in the 1960s, the collection features unisex pieces with a focus on elegance, sophistication, and staff comfort.

Szwarcenberg, the designer behind the collection, emphasized the importance of performance and comfort, introducing elements like turtlenecks and sneakers. The design also pays homage to Belgian icons, subtly incorporating references such as the Atomium on scarves and the inner lining of blazers.

In a significant move towards sustainability, the new uniforms incorporate innovative materials like vegan leather for footwear, sourced from cacti and grapes. Brussels Airlines has chosen Belgian brands Atelier Content and Ambiorix for the production of these eco-friendly shoes.

The airline has also updated its style guide to foster inclusivity. Makeup, once mandatory for women, is now optional for all employees. Similarly, there is no gender-specific requirement for hairstyles, except for safety-related instructions like tying up hair touching the shoulders.

The design process spanned two years, with frontline staff actively participating in creating and selecting the final uniforms. To further align with sustainable practices, the airline plans to give a second life to the current uniforms.

Brussels Airlines, part of the Lufthansa Group, is not just showcasing a new wardrobe but a commitment to a stylish, sustainable, and inclusive future in aviation fashion.