SKYPRO celebrates 20 Years with growth and exclusive industry opportunities


Lisbon, Portugal – March 1, 2024 – Celebrating two decades of excellence, SKYPRO,
the premier Uniform Provider with roots in Portugal is rolling out exciting initiatives
this month, aimed at injecting fresh perspectives, fostering growth, and promoting
sustainability in Uniform Management for companies worldwide.

Throughout its journey, SKYPRO has consistently demonstrated innovation and
meteoric expansion. In 2023, the company achieved remarkable results, including
unprecedented revenue growth, a threefold increase in its workforce, and the forging
of partnerships with industry titans such as Emirates and NetJets.

To commemorate these milestones, SKYPRO is introducing two enticing opportunities
for businesses looking to elevate their Uniform Programs.

Boost Your Uniform Efficiency: Free Expert Consultation
SKYPRO is selecting a limited-time opportunity for 10 companies to receive a free
Uniform Process Evaluation.

This valuable analysis helps you streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and
potentially achieve significant cost savings. Don’t miss this chance!

Apply now

Uniforms Reuse with Special Rates:
SKYPRO’s dedication to sustainability is evident in their groundbreaking initiatives like
the “SKYPRO NextGen Sustainable Uniforms” collection and the Circularity Program.
Now, SKYPRO is seeking a visionary partner to join them in the newly launched
Uniforms Reuse Services. This industry-first initiative offers companies a chance to:

  • Reduce Apparel Costs, since it extends uniform lifecycles and unlock potential
    savings of up to 60% per garment
  • Lower Carbon Footprint, contributing to your company footprint reduction
  • Positive Environmental Impact, by propelling a Zero Waste Policy.

Companies aligning with SKYPRO’s sustainability goals and interested in this program
can benefit from special rates. Express your interest by emailing to

“These initiatives demonstrate our commitment to empowering partners with
innovative solutions and a steadfast focus on sustainability,” says Jorge Pinto, CEO of
Skypro. “We invite forward-thinking companies to join us in shaping a more sustainable future for the industry.”

SKYPRO is a global uniform industry leader, recognized for its premium travel footwear
by Forbes and its inclusion in the Financial Times’ “FT 1000 Europe fastest growing companies”.

Its prestigious clientele encompasses major players like Emirates, NetJets,
Norse, Flair, Royal Air Maroc, Crown Airlines, TAP, Qatar Airways Airlines, Mystic
Cruises and Swedish Police, among others.