McDonald’s Trials New Uniform Program


McDonald’s is shaking things up in the uniform department with a new program focused on employee comfort, self-expression, and sustainability.

The fast-food giant is launching a trial program featuring a wider variety of clothing options for staff, including jeans, joggers, bucket hats, beanies, and bandanas. This “inclusive” uniform initiative aims to empower employees to create a personalized look that reflects their individuality while maintaining a sense of team identity.

This marks the first uniform update for McDonald’s UK and Ireland in over six years. The trial will begin in the coming weeks at select locations and incorporate feedback directly from staff in the design process.

“Having the option to choose what I wear at work is so important to me,” said Bukky, a McDonald’s team member in South London. “I’m excited to try out the new options and contribute to shaping the final designs before the full rollout next year.”

Sustainability is a key focus of the new program. The uniform collection will include polo shirts and t-shirts made from 100% recycled polyester and feature easy-care, wrinkle-resistant fabrics. Additionally, McDonald’s plans to introduce improved religious headwear and maternity wear options, prioritizing comfort, style, and feedback from multi-faith groups within the company.

“Our employees are our greatest asset,” said James Thorne, chief people officer at McDonald’s UK and Ireland. “We’re thrilled to get their feedback on this exciting new uniform range. It offers them the chance to create a look that reflects who they are while still feeling like part of the McDonald’s team. The use of recycled and sustainable materials adds another layer of value, making this a uniform collection we believe our staff will be proud to wear.”

Phil Harland, director of client management at Dimensions, the company that created the new collection, echoed this sentiment. “We’re proud to have partnered with McDonald’s on this innovative workwear project,” he said. “Our focus was on designing a modern, comfortable, and sustainable uniform collection. Crew feedback has been essential in the development process, and the trials will allow us to continue incorporating their input to ensure the final pieces are perfectly suited to the fast-paced restaurant environment.”