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Beautifully Technical: Cobmex Apparel Inc. announces rebrand as company continues its international growth

Cobmex Apparel Inc., a leading knitwear supplier to the uniform industry, announced a company-wide rebranding in order to better support its international growth and market position.

Since 1998, Cobmex has provided the North American uniform industry with quality knitwear servicing a wide range of corporate and public safety clients. After expanding to the UK in 2014, Cobmex quickly established itself as a credible vendor to the UK and European uniform industry.  Cobmex, with its unique manufacturing capabilities of both stock and custom garments, coupled with a fanatical devotion to customer service, continues to grow their business by adding value by facilitating the manufacture and supply chain management of arguably, one of the most difficult uniform categories. This updated brand direction better reflects the company’s market position.

“Over the years, Cobmex has evolved from a small Canadian company to a global supplier, and we wanted to make sure that our brand evolved as our business did. It was time for us solidify our visual identity,” says Cobmex President Phil Newman. “Since the first Cobmex logo was created, our company has grown tremendously. Our new look reflects our understanding of our market position and the passion our company has for what we do.”

As well as a new logo, Cobmex will also be launching a new website this January. The anticipated goal of the new website is to substantially improve the customer experience and will feature both updated design and improved functionality. “Our customers are uniform dealers and distributors. We never sell directly to the end user. The new Cobmex logo, brand direction and certainly the anticipated web experience for our customer sends a much clearer message with respect to our business position in the marketplace.” says Vice President Jon Edberg.

“We are acutely aware of our customers’ needs,” says Edberg. “Beautifully Technical is what we call it. It’s knitwear created for the unique demands of the uniform trade. It’s design detailed and technically advanced. We make products that support our customers, and we aim to make their life easier with everything we do. This new branding and certainly our new website is another step towards achieving our goal. It’s Beautifully Technical!”

To learn more about Cobmex, please contact Jon Edberg, Vice President of Cobmex Apparel Inc. at

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