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Friday, June 14, 2024

Nina Evans


Workwear Uniform Group unveils a multi-million investment program aimed at delivering unparalleled customer service

Two prominent players in the technical workwear and corporate uniforms industry have joined forces to form a powerful new entity focused on achieving an...

Polartec Unveils Fresh Face: A Sustainable Breakthrough in Odor Control Technology 

Polartec, a brand under Milliken & Company, has introduced Fresh Face, an innovative fabric technology that harnesses natural, renewable, and biodegradable properties to reduce...

Berne Apparel Introduces Highland Hiking Pants and Shorts

Berne Apparel, a prominent supplier of top-notch outdoor apparel, is thrilled to introduce its latest product line: the Highland Lightweight Hiking Pants and Shorts....

Taco Bell Rings in Style with Ricardo Gonzalez’s Uniform Collaboration 

The artist from Brooklyn, who goes by the name It's a Living, added his unique touch to the uniforms of the fast-food chain. The...

National Portrait Gallery Unveils Groundbreaking Gender-Neutral Uniforms 

The National Portrait Gallery staff will wear new uniforms that are gender neutral.   These uniforms comprise ties sourced from charity shops, shirts and T-shirts...

Marine Corps Takes Leap Forward with Next-Gen Uniforms 

The Marine Corps has taken a significant leap towards obtaining a combat utility uniform that builds in fire resistance, reduces visibility, and enhances comfort. In...

Bold Metrics and Jaanuu Collaborate to Redefine Fit for Healthcare Professionals 

Bold Metrics, a renowned AI sizing solutions provider, has joined forces with Jaanuu, the innovative brand known for its modern scrubs. Together, they have...

DuPont Introduces Kevlar® EXO™ Aramid Fiber for Unmatched Ballistic and Thermal Performance 

DuPont unveiled Kevlar® EXO™ aramid fiber, a groundbreaking technology platform that offers unprecedented protection and performance for various applications under harsh and demanding conditions....

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